Welcome to Clagett Grass-fed

Welcome, to our Clagett Farm beef website.   We are now offering meat in our spring grass fed meat sale; the meat will be available for pick up at the farm on Saturday, June 15th.  If you have ordered in the past you will find that we have a couple of new aspects to our meat sales:

1. We ask that you place your order through this website. Its easy and you’ll see that you will select from a couple of options.  Just go to the page ‘How to Order”.

2.  We have exciting different meat options – some great new cuts; you can buy 1/4’s or 1/8’s; and new pricing for the different options.  It’s all spelled out on the ‘Pricing and Cuts’ page.

3. We are using Wagner’s Meats in Mount Airy, MD  this year – Tommy, Heather and Angie are wonderful to work with and have helped us with processing meats for several years.

It’s been a good winter for the cows, and for all of us on the farm. Calving is going smoothly with our  first calves

a pair of twins.  We now have 16 calves with another 9 to come.   The spring green-up (when the first burst of growth of grasses comes on in the pastures) was a bit early which always pleases the cows.

Remember your purchasing choices REALLY do effect the Bay and your family’s health.  Grass fed beef is:

  • delicious and healthy—no GMO’s, no antibiotics, no hormones—and it has a healthy balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, is high in Conjugated Linoleic Acids and vitamins, and low in saturadted fats;
  • good for the environment as grazing pastures helps to sequester carbon and creates a wonderful sponge in the soil to catch and retain water, and
  • strengthens local communities by supporting local family meat shops, and recycling your $’s many times through the rural economy.

Stop by the farm any time to see the herd, especially the new little calves; or feel free to call anytime with any questions.

Warmest greeting from all of us on the farm,   Michael


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Clagett Grass-fed

    • Hi there, Ruth,
      The price list is available under the tab on the navigation bar titled “Pricing and Cuts.” Just click there and the options are laid out along with the pricing. To order, click on the tab beside it titled “How to Order.” We do not offer lamb at this point.

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